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PAINTINGS 2020-2021

Cristina Metelli_From The Shadows To The Light_2021_152x193cm
Cristina Metelli_Shades of Pink_oil on canvas_2021
Cristina Metelli_Winter Sun_oil on canvas_2021
Cristina Metelli_Blue Forest_2021_oil on canvas_112x112cm
Cristina Metelli_Water's Edge_oil on canvas_96.5x96.5cm_2021
Cristina Metelli_Water's Edge 2_oil on canvas_ 96.5x96.5cm_2021
Landscape in Flux 22021 oil on canvas 120X140cm
Cristina Metelli_Wattle Gorge_oil on linen_112x137cm_ 2021
On The Path_oil on canvas_100x100cm_2021
Cristina Metelli_Searching For The Light_oil on canvas_91.5x91.5cm
Cristina Metelli_Points of View_oil on canvas_2021
The Reckoning_Heysen Prize Finalist 2020_oil on canvas_137x152cm
Light Through the Trees_oil on canvas_102x168cm_Dec2020
Cristina Metelli Changing Tides_2020_oil linen_107x168cm
Cristina Metelli, The Shaded Path By The Creek_oil on canvas_105x130cm_Nov2020
Incoming Tide_2020_oil on canvas_112x112cm
Cristina Metelli Distant Landscape_2020_oil on canvas_120x120cm
Cristina Metelli_Rock Pool Pink_oil on canvas_100x100cm
Cristina Metelli, Winter Morning, 2020 oil on canvas 97x97cm
Consumed_2020_oil on canvas_91x96.5cm
SOLD Dawn Over Red Cliffs_oil on canvas_91x91cm_2021
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